Sally Cohn of CNN Says Political Correctness is the Answer to Terrorism Following London Bridge Attack 7

Following yesterday’s devastating Islamic terror attacks in London, liberal CNN political commentator Sally Kohn, and CNN’s version of Rachael Maddow, has claimed that political correctness is the antidote.

Taking her plea to Twitter this morning, Kohn wrote, “political correctness is [the] simple idea everyone should be treated with equal dignity & respect. It’s not cause of terrorism. It’s antidote.”

Kohn – whose Twitter bio identifies her as “America’s second favorite cable news lesbian” – went on to cite the recent stabbing in Portland for some reason.

She further mentioned the attack in Manchester, demanding – again, for some unclear reason – “who do you think believes in treating everyone with equality and respect?”

Kohn went on to warn against making political correctness “the scapegoat,” stating that tolerance and equality are the best weapons against terror.

She further suggested that “we” need to help future would-be terrorists turn towards respect.

Needless to say, Kohn has promptly been roasted.

It’s not just Sally Kohn who appears to see political correctness as the answer to radical Islamic terror, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also weighs in.

Last year, London Mayor Sadiq Khan told then-candidate Trump that he ought to soften his stance on Islam, lest Muslims conduct more attacks on the United States.

Khan appears to have been following his own advice throughout the past several instances of radical Islamic terror wreaking havoc on his country.

Today, Khan released a statement in light of yesterday’s attacks insisting, “there is no justification for their evil and unforgivable actions,” not once mentioning the fact that the terrorists allegedly shouted “this is for Allah” as they were running people over and stabbing them.

President Donald Trump – in what was likely the trigger for Sally Kohn’s rant – subsequently skewered Khan’s remarks and the sentiment that political correctness will keep Western citizens safe.

Sally Kohn is perhaps best known for being on a CNN panel that perpetrated the “hands up don’t shoot” fake news hysteria in 2014.

The “hands up don’t shoot” motif was popularized following the killing of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by police officer Darren Wilson.

Following the incident, rumors circulated that Brown had his hands up when he was shot.

This was ultimately disputed by a report from the Justice Department. The Washington Post even acknowledged this – but not before Kohn and her fellow talking heads did this one air.

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