Liberal Chicago Leaders Celebrates ‘Only’ 49 People Shot Over Long Weekend

The Democrats and other liberal leadership in Chicago are celebrating the murder of only six people over Memorial Day weekend.

With “only” six killed and “only” 49 people shot, the carnage was at its lowest level in three years. And apparently, this is something worth celebrating.

In most major cities, shooting tragedies like this would be unacceptable, but in the Windy City, they’re practically planning a parade.

By the end of the holiday weekend in 2016, 69 people were shot – six of them fatally and in 2015, 12 people were killed and 43 more wounded.

In an attempt to stop the carnage, the city deployed an extra 1,300 police officers to the streets.

That happens to be about the same number of people who have been shot in the city so far this year: 1,338, according to Chicago Sun-Times data. Of those, 229 have died.

The results of the additional police on arrests is striking:

From Sunday night into Monday morning, 30 people were arrested in an anti-violence initiative across the city, according to a statement from police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Seven illegal guns were seized and more than 40 traffic citations were issued.

Seventy-seven people were arrested Saturday night into Sunday morning, Guglielmi said. Ten illegal guns were seized and 176 traffic citations were issued.

On Friday night, 53 people were arrested, including 30 who were arrested during pre-emptive raids. Four illegal guns were seized and more than 70 traffic citations were issued.

H/T: AmmoLand

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