Trap House Raided Live on Facebook Jacksonville Florida

A drug “trap house” in Jacksonville, Florida was raided by officials during the same time its dealer was showing off the money stack made selling drugs during a live stream on Facebook.

The video begins with the man fanning through his money mumbling incendiaries. He walks away for a brief moment only to come back to the camera with more money to show off. He catches a glimpse of the police rolling up to the house and the hilarity ensues. Later you can casually see officers come in and out of the room where the camera is running still as the man is arrested and the house is searched.

This continues for about a minute before another voice is heard off-camera.

“Open the front door. Give yourself up,” says the voice of an officer. “This is the sheriff’s office.”

The man runs out of view of the computer camera.

The sound of a door being battered down is then heard.

Officers and dogs then sweep the premises before an officer notices the camera is filming. He then takes the camera and faces it away from the action.

Facebook has been used in an increasing amount to document crimes and violence. On Easter, Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens fatally shot an elderly man in a random attack in Cleveland and then posted the video of the killing to Facebook. He later committed suicide in Pennsylvania, reports CNN.

Is there a lesson to learned from this? If your a dealer, you probably shouldn’t show off your illicit actives to a live audience.

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