This MAN just announced his pregnancy - yup you read that right 3

A transgender man from Portland, Oregon has announced to the world that he and his husband are expecting a baby this summer.

According to The Daily Mail, Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow were heartbroken when Trystan experienced a miscarriage in 2016 at six weeks in.

The outlet states that the pair “got to trying again right away” and their efforts were a success – but one that Trystan apparently kept hidden while out in public.

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That all changed when the couple revealed their new pregnancy on their podcast, The Longest Short Time.

“One morning I woke up and I felt really, really bad,” said Trystan on the podcast. “Like, lying on the tiles of the bathroom floor cause how cool they are feels good on your face kind of bad.”

“I randomly grabbed one of the pee tests and they came back positive and I was like, ‘oh my god, this is actually happening again.’”

The pair were excited and soon enough, according to the podcast, Biff was preparing a room for the baby, thinking of names and – no joke – buying Trystan his favorite vegan beef jerky.

According to The Daily Mail, Trystan and Biff took extra precaution when making an appointment with an ob-gyn, asking them to “make a note in his chart about how they would be treating a pregnant trans-dad.”

Biff and Trystan became famous in 2011 after the couple adopted Biff’s niece and nephew after a court deemed their biological parents unfit to raise children. (Image via The Daily Mail)

“I can feel someone looking at my face and searching for the remnants of womanhood,” Trystan reportedly said.

“They kind of squint their eyes a little bit and I can tell they’re trying to take away my beard, they’re trying to de-transition me in their heads.”

Things apparently went well, however, with Trystan and Biff stating they haven’t felt any transphobia through their pregnancy process.

“There just hasn’t been an ounce of transphobia from anyone I have come in contact with,” Trystan reportedly said. “Every person wouldn’t even bat an eye that there was a dude with a beard claiming to be pregnant who is here to get blood work done – and I have been trans long enough to know that doesn’t come magically.”

Biff and Trystan will reportedly give birth to their “diagnosis: male” baby this summer.

Confused? You’re not alone.

The Daily Mail
The Longest Short Time

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