Social Media Reactions to Kathy Griffin’s Shock Trump ‘Beheading’ Photo 10

After left-wing ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin posed with a bludgeoned look-alike, severed head of President Donald Trump, social media has exploded with reactions to the controversial photo.
The image of Griffin, obtained by TMZ, depicts a gory, severed version of Trump’s head, as the former Fashion Police host stands with a cold expression on her face.

Now, social media users have gone online to express their disgust for the image:

Meanwhile, mainstream media reports downplayed the photo of Griffin, shifting the conversation to another topic:


Griffin has forced her crazy ways into the mainstream, hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve special for the last few years with Anderson Cooper.

The comedian-turned-political spokesperson also enjoyed a long run on Andy Cohen’s Bravo network as the star of the reality show My Life on The D-List.

Representatives for CNN and Griffin did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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