High School Student Gideon Yapp Threatens His Teacher For Not Rounding His Grade From 43% To A 70%

Gideon Yapp a Lancaster, California, Eastside High school student goes on a racist rant against his Asian teacher in the middle of class over a failing grade. This shocking tirade was all caught on video by another student. While we aren’t sure why another student wouldn’t step up and help their teacher against this vicious attacked, here is the video evidence.

Gideon Yapp is a resident of the city of Lancaster in the state of California. In late May 2017, he went into an uproar towards his Physics teacher, Franklin Hsu, at his school. The video has gone viral since the incident

The student, whose name has been revealed online and through social media has been identified as Gideon Yapp, became enraged at his Eastside High School teacher in Lancaster, California, who he called ‘Dr Hsu’ during the clip. School records show there is a Franklin Hsu at the school who teaches physics.

The video starts as the student is heard shouting, ‘I stopped talking’ at the teacher.

The student then aggressively fronts up to the professor and yells: ‘You do not come up to me and get in my goddamn face.’

Hsu, who is clearly trying to walk back to the front of the class to continue with the lesson, replies: ‘All right, go sit down.’

But that outrages the student to the point he launches another verbal attack.

‘No, you go sit down, come up to me like that, who the f*** do you think you are,’ Yapp cries, as the teacher walks back to his desk at sits down.

His parents must be ashamed. Then again, who knows what kind of parenting the boy has received to behave publicly in that way.

The video seems to have been taken by a classmate at East Side High School in Lancaster, California. The misbehaving student follows his teacher (whom he calls Mr. Hsu) out of the hallway and into the classroom, where he verbally berates him for several minutes — shouting at the top of his lungs the entire time.

During the now infamous Gideon Yapp tantrum, nearly every other word is an expletive. He says “shut your f***ing mouth, f***ing tell me, who the f*** do you think you are.” And it continues to go downhill from there.

This act was captured on a cell phone by another student earlier this week and has since gone viral on multiple social media platforms.

As the teacher makes to ‘calmly’ sit down at the front of the room, Yapp doesn’t stop the aggression, he continues his assault and even raising his fist to the teacher.

Yells the student, ‘You do not come up to me Dr Hsu and get in my goddamn face,’

‘You go there, sit down,’ the science teacher says, pointing to the back of the room, which further enrages the teen.

‘You go sit down,’ Yapp retorts, by now flush red in the face.

Adding, ‘You come up to me like that? Who the f*** do you think you are?’

When the teacher takes his own seat at the front of the classroom, he again tries to tell the student to take his seat in the classroom.

‘I’m not f***ing playing,’ the defiant student rages.

‘Go sit down,’ the teacher says.

‘Shut your f***ing mouth,’ he yells.


In response, the bratty student deleted all his social media accounts. It seems he got a taste of his own medicine and couldn’t handle the heat. Often, bullies are insecure individuals who are unable to bear the kind of treatment they dish out so readily on others.

It remains to be seen what punishment if any, Mr. Yapp received. Once the school received word of this issue, they put out the following statement:

“We take this type of situation very seriously. Our teachers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. The incident has been investigated and appropriate action by school administration has been taken.”

Let’s hope the school — and the boy’s parents — do the right thing and give the boy some much-needed discipline. Unfortunately, incidents like this are becoming more and more common as authority figures are told they should not discipline children.

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*Updated 06/01/2017, 5:05PM EST*


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