Liberals are Blinded by Their Hate of Trump, Constitutional Democracy at Risk

The growing efforts by Democrats, the mainstream media, deep state, and elements of the federal bureaucracy to take down President Donald Trump raise alarms for the safety of our constitutional democracy.

Trump won the election fair and square— there is not a shred of evidence to suggest otherwise — and yet his opponents have never accepted the result, nor ceased trying to frustrate his efforts to govern. If they succeed, American democracy will effectively be finished.

Our best investigators within just about every federal, private, and military intelligence has been looking into this since late last year, and not a single piece of evidence has come forward.

Amidst the giddy enthusiasm of outlets like CNN to report sensational — and almost certainly false — stories like “Sources: White House lawyers research impeachment” — little thought is being given to the consequences if their wildest dreams come true. And those who have considered the fact that Vice President Mike Pence would take over — like far-leftist Sally Kohn and NeverTrumper Bill Kristol — assume that Pence will be just as easily dispatched.

Trump won nearly 63 million votes. Those voters would be instantly disenfranchised by his removal. Opinion polls suggest nearly all of them would vote the same way again, and no facts have emerged from the Russia conspiracy theory, nor have any major policy betrayals taken place, that would sever that trust. Seeing him deposed would trigger nationwide anger, and perhaps a real “Resistance,” not the make-believe “Resistance” the left has contrived.

Even by considering the possibility of impeaching Trump — which some conservatives, rightly, have called a “silent coup” — the Beltway elites are sowing division and uncertainty. They have laid bare their contempt for democracy — even those who, like Kristol, enthusiastically support imposing democracy abroad.

Trump’s voters believed they were taking their country back — and did so through the ballot box. God help us if that victory is taken from them.