Trump's First Trip Abroad: Vatican, Israel, Saudia Arabia
Photo Credit: AP

President Donald Trump will visit Saudi Arabia, among other nations during his first multi-national trip overseas, meeting with the leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries.

President Trump will deliver “an inspiring, yet direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology,” according to National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who briefed reporters on the president’s trip Tuesday. He added that President Trump would talk about his hopes “for a peaceful vision of Islam to dominate across the world.”

Trump will join bilateral meetings with Gulf Cooperation Council leaders, as well as leaders of other Muslim countries. The White House said that Trump would also personally participate in the opening of a new center in the Middle East for fighting radicalism and promoting moderation.

“By establishing and operating this center, our Muslim friends, including Saudi Arabia, are taking a firm stand against extremism and those who use a perverted interpretation of religion to advance their criminal and political agenda,” McMaster said.

According to the White House, Trump also plans to participate in a Twitter forum with young people during his visit.

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