The Clinton's Have a Strange History of People Either Dying, Committing Suicide, or Other Strange Deaths 2
Photo Credit: Friends of Liberty

How many people in your life do you know that have had contact with numerous weird or random murders, or freaky suicides?

One couple comes to mind, the Clinton’s.

*Disclaimer* Project Republic is not confirming that these reports are true, or verified. We are citing no sources other then internet conjecture. We are simply highlighting very strange coincidences between individuals who the Clinton’s have had contact with, in some form or another, and have had unfortunate deaths. This report does not reflect a stance that we are taking, and is simply meant to bring light to the strange occurrences of death surrounding the Clinton’s.

For the full story on Seth Rich visit this link. For the Clinton story, read below.

Seth Rich is making headlines again in regards to his suspicious death. Rich was a DNC staffer who some media outlets are now reporting had contact with Wikileaks, and was leaking DNC information to. While his family is denying these claims, and speaking out against them. Investigators working on the case are saying something different, as well as some law enforcement working the case.

The Clinton’s are no strangers to odd coincidences, and as opposed to listing them all, here is a nice info-graphic, and further down a video.


clinton body bount
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Again, we are not saying this is true, but there are some very strange coincidences, and a lot of questions that need answering.