Obama Scolds Americans for Eating Steak, Former White House Chef Blasts Obama for Just That 1

Former President Barack Obama is once again promoting liberal values across the globe. This time, he takes on American meat-eaters, and steak in particular.

In his recent speech, that netted Obama a whopping $3 million dollars, at the “Seeds & Chips: The Global Food Innovation Summit” in Milan, Italy, on Tuesday, the former president took a note from Michelle Obama and ripped into Americans for how much food they wasted.

He particularly singled out that meat eaters, and said that they were contributing to climate change.

After his anti-meat charade Obama and his former White House chef Sam Kass went into a questions and answers segment, Obama went on to say the issue had to do with cows, claiming that people don’t realize how much cows contribute to global pollution through the amount of methane gas they produce — you heard right — cows cause climate change.

As a solution, Obama suggested smaller servings of steaks and alternative, more efficient ways to produce protein.

I don’t know about you, but creating more efficient ways to produce protein sounds like something nobody would want to eat. But it does sound like something that might make it onto former first lady Michelle Obama’s sick school lunch program.

obama milan speech
Obama Dresses Casually in Milan Speech – Getty

But here’s where things get interesting. As Breitbart reported, Kass was quick to interrupt Obama, telling him that over the 10 years he had worked for him, he had cooked him “thousands of steaks.”

Talk about a back fire.

Of course, Obama quickly rebutted Kass’ estimation and Kass backtracked, saying that maybe it was “hundreds” of steaks. But we get the point: Obama likes his steak, and you can bet he won’t be the first in line to stock up on ‘alternative protein’, whatever that may be — lab grown?

Obama surely gave Kass an earful after the speech as they headed back to their upscale four-star hotel.

This kind of hypocrisy among Democrats is not surprising. In fact, it appears that the liberals who preach the most about how climate change are quite good at contributing to the earth’s supposed demise by flying around the globe in their private jets and sailing across the seas in their huge yachts — Al gore made a killing off his climate documentary.