N.C. High School Recalls Yearbooks With 'Build That Wall' Quote 1
Yearbooks at a North Carolina high school were confiscated after officials said they noticed a controversial senior quote. (GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO)

ROCKINGHAM, N.C.  — Administrators in a North Carolina school district has confiscated yearbooks at one high school after officials saw a senior’s quote that read, “Build the Wall.”

Yes another infringement on free speech in schools, the administrators said the quote was “controversial”. Various schools and universities as of late have cancelled events, such as a school in Canada that cancelled Father’s and Mother’s day festivities.

Local media reported that the yearbooks distributed at the Richmond Early College High School near Rockingham were recalled because some senior quotes were considered controversial.

School district spokeswoman Ashley-Michelle Thublin said school and district officials found several quotes were inappropriate. She said that included the “Build the Wall” comment that became one of President Donald Trump’s campaign slogans last year.

year book build that wall

That slogan has been criticized on social media by some students and others who called it racist and hurtful to classmates, some of whom are minorities.

Thublin said none of the students involved are being disciplined. It’s too late to get the books reprinted so students are being refunded.

Between incidents like this, and various hate-crime hoaxes that are going on, one begins to wonder if free speech is dead on university and school campuses.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.