REPORT: Reddit Suppressing r/The_Donald Subscriber Numbers BY THE MILLIONS!

There has been a report that Reddit has allegedly been covering up the amount of subscribers to the subreddit r/The_Donald, a community set up by supporters of President Donald Trump.

According to the Reddit website and metrics, the thread has about 385,000 followers who are active in the online community.

However, one user posting under the pseudonym TRUMP (presumably not the President), posted a thread titled “385,000 subscribers? TRY 6 MILLION. 6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. 6,014,248 PRECISELY. SIX-MILLION FOURTEEN-THOUSAND TWO-HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT MEMBERS OF THIS COMMUNITY. STOP LYING TO US.”

To prove it, the user went to Reddit ads where he took a screenshot of the reach the subreddit can make when buying advertising. He took a screenshot of the ads dashboard and it clearly displayed the number being over 6 million.

reddit screenshot the donald thread 6 million

Several users expressed enthusiasm at the discovery in the comment section.

Vivalad:,  “looks like someone’s either lying to their advertisers or lying to their customers”

JTPri123:, “I was going to be thrilled with us apparently having 700k. You can’t put this lighting back in the bottle now.”

Deplorable_Paladin: “I can confirm this, I just tried it.”

A few others had a bit of hesitation.

feyrbrand: “i just checked a few other subreddits and they are all massively inflated on the ads. site. not exactly as much as this one, but still a lot.”

SrSkippy: “Is that subscribers or unique impressions? Perhaps their category title is simply incorrect?”

The displayed screenshot definitely shows the disparity in the numbers provided by Reddit. However, when Conservative News tried to duplicate the process on Reddit Ads, the numbers in the subreddits section did not show actual subscribers, but “daily impressions,” as in the average visits to the thread. It is unclear why two different “subscribers” are listed in one and “daily impressions” are listed in the other.

reddit screenshot the donald thread

This is not the first time Reddit has been accused of crunching the numbers to serve an agenda. During the 2014 Gamer Gate scandal, Reddit was proven to be making fake profiles and bots with the purpose of painting the pro-gaming community as sexist.

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