The McCain Institute for International Leadership has reportedly failed to contribute appropriate levels of their donations to charitable causes.

According to the institute’s website, its purpose is to tackle the global issue of human trafficking and a new generation of national security leaders.

The organization has been subjected to investigation after the IRS revealed that the company is not spending much of their funds on dealing with human trafficking.

In 2012, according to, the company received $8,685,619 in gifts, donations, grants and other services. Their expenses for that year were only $500,000.

A similar thing occurred in 2013 when they only contributed $500,000.

 In 2014 things got interesting; they received $1,305,000 and donated $1,500,000. All of the donations went to the Arizona State University Foundation, a group which have nothing to do with human trafficking.
John McCain himself has also been accused of having a long history of corruption and having criminal staff members who have been involved in his campaign.

They are also catching flak for receiving donations of the world’s socially inclusive and progressive champion, Saudi Arabia.

It is illegal for other countries and national leaders to give money to political leaders in America – therefore, many use the loop of giving money to non-profits linked to their name.

Watch Senator John McCain squirm as he is questioned about Saudi donations.

It’s not just corruption McCain has been accused of – one of his staff members has also been arrested on pedophilia charges.

52-year-old Jeffrey Claude Bartleson – McCain’s campaign manager – was arrested over pedophilia charges.

He was initially arrested on January 29 and re-arrested last Monday after another campaign worker complained he may have molested one of her sons.

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