Every executive order Trump has signed

President Donald Trump entered office with an aggressive agenda for his first 100 days, pledging action on everything from reforming immigration to renegotiating trade deals.

While many of his promises will require congressional action, the president has moved forward with a number of his proposals through executive orders.

Trump has already signed 12 executive orders, including ones covering immigration, crime reduction and public safety.

What is an executive order?

Executive orders are legally binding directives issued by the president to federal administrative agencies. There have been 13,766 executive orders signed, with every president except William Henry Harrison using them while in office. Perhaps the most famous executive order was Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

How many executive orders did President Barack Obama sign in his first 100 days?

Obama issued 19 executive orders in this first 100 days of his presidency, including several that reversed orders signed by former President George W. Bush.

How many executive orders did President George W. Bush issue in his first 100 days?

Bush signed 11 executive orders in his first 100 days in office.

What executive orders has Trump signed so far?

1. Minimizing the economic burden of the patient protection and Affordable Care Act pending repeal

His first order gives agencies authority to grant waivers, exemptions and delays of provisions in the Affordable Care Act. Read the full text of the order.

2. Expediting environmental reviews and approvals for high priority infrastructure projects

It would streamline environmental reviews related to infrastructure projects. Read the full text of the order.

3. Enhancing public safety in the interior of the United States

This order seeks to abolish sanctuary cities in the Unites States and ensure that all jurisdictions are enforcing federal immigration law. Read the full text of the order.

4. Border security and immigration enforcement improvements 

This order directs federal agencies to secure the United States’ southern border, including taking steps to begin the planning for Trump’s “border wall.” Read the full text of the order.

5. Protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States

The order invokes the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, saying it is aimed at preventing another such strike in the U.S. It bars people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for three months: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Read the full text of the order.

6. Ethics commitments by executive branch appointees

The order bars executive brand appointees from lobbying for five years after they leave their position. Read the full text of the order.

7. Reducing regulation and controlling regulatory costs

It makes the Executive Branch get rid of two regulations for every new one that is put into effect, arguing it will reduce a major burden on small businesses in America. Read the full text of the order.

8. Core principles for regulation the United States financial system

This order encompasses Trump’s “America First” campaign pledge, along with establishing an anti-bailout policy for his administration. Read the full text of the order.

9. Task force on crime reduction and public safety

It would create a task force that aims to reduce violent crime. Read the full text of the order.

10. Preventing violence against federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement officers

It allows Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice to develop a plan to prevent violence against police officers. Read the full text of the order.

11. Enforcing federal law with respect to transnational criminal organizations and preventing international trafficking

It would “break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth” by directing the FBI and other federal agencies to make targeting drug trafficking a top priority. Read the full text of the executive order. 

12. Providing an order of succession within the Department of Justice

This order sets a line of success for the Attorney General position, and comes after Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally YatesRead the full text of the executive order. 

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