What do Soros, Republicans, Clinton, Democrats, and Devos all have in common?
It appears that Republicans are fighting fire with fire in adopting paid services online to get their agenda out.

One thing we saw in the 2016 election cycle was a focus on paid political operatives. This strategy came in many diverse forms. From paid protesters to actual organizations like Correct The Record, which  is a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks, according to their own volition. CTR, or Correct The Record, actually paid internet trolls, and various other lowly internet users to dig up dirt on Trump, blast social media sites with fake news, and even down vote, and attempt to discredit information on social media sites like Reddit.

Clients on paid websites like InstaGC, Swagbucks, which remunerate clients for shopping at specific sites or finishing little assignments and studies on the web, and also ‘freemium’- based portable design diversion Covet Fashion, have revealed a connection to SupportDeVos.com. The site contains a contact form to connect with Congressmen and Women — however just to send notes of support for DeVos’ affirmation. Clients who use this service gain points to spend on various products.

As far as we can tell there is no direct link to Devos, or the Republican party. But it would not be a stretch to assume someone is testing the waters with this new method of engagement.

The ads went on to say that SupportDeVos.com is run by the American Federation for Children, a group formerly led by DeVos. Calls to the AFC were returned, and stated that there is absolutely zero connection between them and the placed ads, and the ads have since been taken down.

This could all have absolutely no link to Devos, or the RNC. However it is just further highlighting the absurdness that is fake news, pay for play, and it is highlighting a new strategy that is developing in the world of political campaigns.

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