Military Officials Paint a Bleak Picture on the Military Readiness of the U.S 2
Top military officials have painted a bleak picture in regards to military readiness.

They say due to sequestration there are fewer bombers, fighters, tanks, and warships since world war II.  The leaders claim that there are as few as 50 brigades ready for action should there be a need.

Under the Budget Control Act that the Obama administration enacted, severe cuts were made to the military.

An example of the horrific spending policies, President Obama Pushed the Navy to buy biochemical fuels, which cost as much as five times more than conventional fuels. No real strategy, and budget cuts across the board severely hurt the strength of the military.

The Vice Chiefs testified that they now have to make unacceptable trades.

Politicization of the DOD budget, forcing agendas that did not make sense, forcing decisions on bad technology, and not having a clear idea, has resulted in the chaos we are now seeing.

“Our long-term readiness continues its insidious decline,” Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. William Moran testified Wednesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

He added, “While we are still able to put our first team on the field, our bench is largely depleted.”



The Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, Rep. Mac Thornberry of Texas and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, are pushing for a base military budget of $640 billion in 2018 — a nearly $100 billion increase over the amount authorized for the 2017 fiscal year.

President Trump has previously committed to making the military great again.

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