Who is #Vault7? Day 4 of Wikileaks mysterious tweets.

Wikileaks has now tweeted 4 times in regards to Vault7.

What is Vault7? Where is Vault7? When is Vault7? Who is Vault7?

Once can only assume the where and how are coming next.

  • What is Vault 7: Seedbank
  • Where is Vault 7: Nazi gold in the salt mine
  • When is Vault 7: The F119-PW-100 (the F-22 engine) at Langley AFB
  • Who is Vault 7: Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
  • Why is Vault 7: We should find out tomorrow.
  • How is Vault 7: Soon enough.

This is a very interesting story, and we will continue to follow it.


What is Vault7?

Where is Vault7?

When is Vault7?

Who is Vault7?

Over at Reddit, /u/7tryker posted the following:

Everything that’s taken place since the DNC/RNC conventions until now has been beyond the realms of the big screen.

  • Bernie Sanders, DWS rigging against Bernie, gets hired by Hilary, 2 days after. Sarah Silverman’s “enough” rant.
  • Trump shitting on the establishment RNC, “small hands” Rubio
  • Hillary sick, falling, NYT “its sexist to question her health!!” she falls and coughs again this time much worse, secret service with the mysterious device in hand.
  • Podesta email dump, Seth Rich murdered in mugging, robber leaves wallet and possessions still on his “victim”. Murder still unsolved. Likely murdered by Clintons as he was likely the Wikileaks leaker.
  • Emails being ignored by all MSM and instead a barrage of 24/7 anti Trump talking heads laughing about dumb Trump, deplorables, fake sex assault victims.
  • CNN, “it’s illegal to possess wikileaks emails….” LMAO
  • Wikileaks strategically releasing emails on timer in sections for maximum damage
  • 4Chan FBI Anon revealing information about Clintons months before emails confirm. Kek Meme war begins. Memetic magic steals election and spawns pizzagate and Trump’s victory
  • CTR destroys political subreddits, obvious to a baby. Shills paid by Clintons.
  • Comey flip flopping after Huma/Weiner affair
  • Fake news being shouted from google/facebook/cnn/NYT/MSM
  • Assange and Wikileaks compromised, Bitcoin dead man switch activated.
  • Massive DDOS takes down much of the popular internet, on a scale never seen from before or again. Theories that this was to stop any dead man switches.
  • Insurance files dumps.
  • Kerry in Antarctica during Election week.
  • Russia hacked our brains, screamed MSM after Hillary’s humiliating loss
  • Assange still quiet since Ecuador cuts internet, many fear for his life
  • Manning sentence commuted meanwhile Obama signs a large NSA legal loophole to spy without warrant and share information about you without warrants to any other agencies
  • Pizzagate at it’s highest awareness level
  • George Webb awesome investigative journalism on Clinton foundation/CIA/Dyncorp/Syria Rat lines/Human organ sex trafficking Haiti rings
  • Ecuador most likely (rigged by CIA) new President declaring Assange will be ousted on the 19th of Feb.
  • Wikileaks cryptic tweets to the FBI most likely as a threat as Assange deadline is nearing.

And I’ve missed massive amounts of details on all of these bullet points. This all happened within 1 years time.

This was really unbelievable and a lengthy book is probably being written as we speak, though I’m sure the writers are still waiting for the events to come….


Whatever is coming, it is very exciting.

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