Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan gang up on the liberal main stream media, must watch!
Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan team up to take on the liberal main stream media.


Carlson opened the discussion by asking Morgan, a former prominent CNN personality, if he was “shocked” by revelations from WikiLeaks regarding the network’s deep collusion with the Democratic Party during the 2016 election cycle.

“I was a bit, yeah… when you look at what happened with Donna Brazile and some of the other characters involved, it stank frankly,” Morgan answered. “It brought to light Donald Trump’s main beef with the media, which is that it’s a two way street, this question of respect and honesty.”

“He has felt for quite some time that a lot of people in the ‘mainstream media’… are absolutely determined to bring him down – and I think he’s got a point. I think some of them absolutely are.”

“They were in the tank for Hillary Clinton,” he continued. “Their candidate didn’t win, and now they are utterly determined to bring the Trump presidency crashing down.”

Morgan went on to present his hypothesis that CNN, along with their counterparts in the left-wing media, made the suicidal mistake of devoting overwhelming coverage to Trump’s candidacy early in the race – as it clearly boosted their ratings – which then backfired when the Trump behemoth became powerful enough to ultimately carry him across the finish line on Election Day.

“He became unstoppable,” Morgan asserted.

Commenting on the media’s “virulent” attacks on Trump towards the end of the campaign, Morgan expressed his disgust with their unbridled bias towards Clinton, calling it a “disgrace.”

“They weren’t even pretending to be anything but in the tank for Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I found that, as a journalist, pretty obscene to watch.”

“So, for the New York Times and others now to be saying, ‘Oh, poor us – we’re the innocent parties here. Donald Trump is annihilating the media and breaking down the First Amendment,’ and so on, is pretty rich, given the way that they themselves have conducted themselves as the ‘paper of record.’”

Morgan commented on the absurdity of many American news outlets who present themselves as unbiased, when they clearly are not.

“In America, what I don’t like is this pretense from papers like the New York Times, that somehow they are completely beyond any reproach when it comes to their coverage, that they are completely neutral. They’re not neutral,” he said.

“I remember, in the middle of the campaign, picking up the New York Times, and reading from cover to cover,” he continued. “There were 11 different stories and letters and comment op-ed pieces about Donald Trump in that one edition of the New York Times – every single one of them was hostile to Trump. Now, come on! That is not a coincidence.”

Morgan, a past winner of Trump’s show Celebrity Apprentice, and now a Daily Mail editor-at-large, has surprised observers as of late with his opposition to tactics of the regressive left and their unfair treatment of the President.

His reaction to the outcome of the Super Bowl was particularly juicy and trolly:

Imagine being a Hillary-supporting Atlanta Falcons fan who wanted Britain to stay in Europe…

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 6, 2017

Other notable quotes from the interview include:

“What we’re seeing in Britain, as we are seeing in America, is one of the great hissy fits of modern political times.”

“I am appalled by the behavior of so many liberals right now… they bang on about ‘democracy,’ they bang on about ‘tolerance,’ about ‘fairness’ – and yet, they’re behaving exactly the same way that they warned us all that Donald Trump and his supporters would behave  if – and when, as they assumed – he lost.”

“If I was on the left, I would surely, by now, be trying to work out how we lost to somebody like Donald Trump.”

“Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who offered nothing new, nothing fresh.”

“My message to the left is: If you want to try and beat Donald Trump, then do it democratically, and stop trying to delegitimize him.”

Morgan’s Twitter profile picture currently features Donald Trump standing with him in a Celebrity Apprentice promotional photo.



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