BLM Houston protesters determined to interrupt Superbowl LI.

In addition to massive security constraints, Super Bowl attendees will also have to face disruptions of their arrival plans by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Black Lives Matters Houston chapter are planning to disrupt the Superbowl. The event, which already is underway, has the following message on their Facebook page.

*This EVENT is being held in partnership with other allied movement events. DO NOTE that this is BLACK LIVES MATTER houston so the march to the main event centers Black lives, be an ally like we were to you, do not take up space.*

The grand claim was made that we are a “welcoming city,” but the treatment of the local homeless community, gentrification, lack clarity on where our elected leaders stand on Trump’s policies and of course the issue of anti Blackness need to be addressed.

We are not one big happy family until justice is extended to all!


Lane Lewis, chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party, helped in coordinating the march purposefully scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday.

“With the world media watching Houston, we wanted to show the world that we do not accept what is coming out of the White House right now,” Lewis said.

 Among speakers at the gathering was U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, who echoed Lewis’ calls against Trump’s presidency and thanked the presence of reporters on the scene for doing their job.

He also reminded those gathered that they are peaceful protesters and to be cautious of individuals wanting to incite violence.

“We stand for liberty and justice for all,” Green said. “We do not stand for rock throwing.”


U.S. Customs and Border Protection is adding resources to the effort to maintain safety at the event. The agency tasked with securing our nation’s borders and ports of entry is providing aviation and electronic resources in addition to manpower. “LOOK @CustomsBorder working with many partners @HoustonTX to ensure safe #SB51#SEESOMETHINGSAYSOMETHING,” the agency tweeted on Saturday.

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