Las Vegas expects a high-scoring nailbiter of a Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons on Sunday (2:00 PM ET, FOX and FOX Sports GO), but at least one NFL expert disagrees.

On Friday’s episode of Undisputed live from Discovery Green in Houston, Skip Bayless explained why Tom Brady and the Patriots will crush Matt Ryan’s Falcons in Super Bowl LI, claiming their fifth championship with a double-digit win:

SKIP: My logic, Mr. Sharpe, is pretty simple. I’ve got Tom Brady on a year-long Deflategate mission, and I’ve got the greatest defensive mind in NFL history with the No. 1 ranked defense in pro football this year, New England’s, with two weeks to prepare for the No. 1 offense.

I’d say that’s game over. That’s New England all day, all the way. As you recall, I picked the Patriots from day one of Undisputed — we launched Sept. 6 — because I told you this would be the year of Tom Brady. I told you that he was going to play possessed this year to get even with an NFL commissioner who chose to sacrifice his legacy and his reputation by wrongly accusing him of cheating and lying about it.

And the upshot of that, the goal of that, was to punish the Patriots for their history of their cheating, and the collateral damage from the NFL’s view was only going to be a quarterback who was going on age 39. But for me, the silver lining — as in silver Lombardi Trophy — was that Tom Brady has played with a channeled rage unlike anything I have seen since Michael Jordan. … 

But Brady’s added motivation really isn’t the biggest reason Skip is taking the Patriots. He raves about New England’s defense, predicting Bill Belichick’s crew will force Atlanta into at least two turnovers on Sunday, as New England rolls to a 32-20 win.

Shannon, though, points out that 2016-17 has been the breakthrough season for first-time champions across professional sports — and he expects the Falcons to follow suit on Sunday.

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