Protesters duel at LAX. 1

Opponents as well as proponents of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting travel from seven Middle Eastern countries assembled to protest at Los Angeles International Airport Saturday.

Leftist anti-Trumpers gathered late Saturday morning in front of LAX airport’s Tom Bradley International Terminal while proponents of the seven-country travel restriction gathered just an hour later across the road. The Los Angeles Times reported that those against the restriction numbered around 100 and were led by women in headscarves.

A federal judge in Seattle ruled on Friday for a temporary restraining order regarding major components of the President’s temporary travel restriction executive order. That didn’t stop the protesters from demonstrating at LAX after days of protests at airports of varying sizes across the country.

“Trump – Hands Off Jerusalem” read one of several yellow signs seen among those protesting against the travel restriction.

KNX 1070 radio news reporter Cooper Rummell posted photos of the protest to Twitter:

The photos show police amidst protesters on both sides of the debate. A Palestinian flag could be seen flying amid anti-travel restriction protesters. Several yellow signs were held, some of which read, “Stand Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry.” Below the words on this sign was the website, host for the International Action Center, which was founded by former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark. In 2005 Clark defended in the Los Angeles Times offering to defend former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Another yellow sign read, “End all U.S. Aid to Israel Now!” At the bottom of the sign was a link to the website, the website for the Answer Coalition, a hard left protest organization.

Pro-Trump travel restriction demonstrators could be seen in one of Rummell’s photos with American flags, Trump signs, as well as a sign that read, “Make America Safe Again.”

“The safety and security of LAX and our airports is our sole focus — and that means protecting the traveling public, airport employees and protesters alike,” said Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association President Marshall McClain, according to ABC7 local news.

ABC7 local news tweeted out a photo of the anti-Trump protesters:



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